Information on becoming a pastor

Becoming a Pastor

The title of pastor is often used interchangeably with the label preacher. However, a pastor’s job is much more involved than that of a preachers. The root word for pastor means shepherd. Shepherding is a great way to explain what it is a pastor actually does. A pastor’s job is to take care of a group of believers. This is often lived out in the confines of a church congregation but can encompass other organizations as well. On the other hand, a preacher is simply a person who preaches. They do not have the responsibilities or the training of a pastor.

What are the duties of a pastor?

The duties attributed to a pastor include various tasks meant to spiritually minister to those in their charge. This could include hospital visits, praying with people, seeing to the needs of people within the body of believers, teaching a class, preaching, overseeing a group at church, making decisions regarding the welfare of the congregation and other important tasks. Rick Warren is a very well-known pastor and serves as a good example of the what the job entails. He preaches to his congregation but also serves them and other believers in various other ways. In addition, pastors often conduct weddings ceremonies and baby dedications, which are happy celebrations. However, pastors also have the difficult job of preaching at funerals and ministering to those that have lost loved ones.

What does it mean for a pastor to be ordained?

Ordination is the official recognition of a person as they transition from a layperson to an ordained pastor. In each association, the process for ordination is slightly different. However, most involve a public ceremony where other leaders of the church pray over the person and officially ask God’s blessings upon their ministry. Some associations require a longer more drawn out process, but ordination almost always involves the public acknowledgment of the person as a pastor.

What is a pastor’s typical salary?

In America, the average base pay for a senior pastor ranges from $33,000 to $70,000. A vast majority of pastors also receive a housing allowance, which accounts for another $20,000 to $38,000 annually. The size of the church has a great impact on the salary of their pastor for obvious reasons. The more people there are to give, the more money is given to the pastor in appreciation for all their hard work. In addition, a pastor’s education will often merit higher pay. On paper, a pastor’s salary can seem quite large, however, because of the long hours and sleepless nights pastors endure on a regular basis, it really ought to be higher.

The job of pastor is more than just a vocation; it is a calling. No one should seek out this career path as simply a way to make money. The pastorate is fraught with discouragement, heartache and stress. However, it is not without its blessings. God has a way of granting grace and kindness to those that serve him. There is most likely no other career that is as self-less and thankless as the job of a pastor, although for every problem, there is blessing sent by God to brighten the heart of those that choose to serve him in this capacity.

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