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Simple Tips for Reading the Bible

The Bible is the most widely known written work in the entire world. The full Bible has been translated around 520 times and partially translated around 2,800 times. This is how immense this collection is. Learning to read the Bible can be a powerfully motivating and spiritual experience for anyone. It is a huge book and can be unapproachable, but with a few simple tips, you can read the Bible in no time!

Understand Why

Reading the BibleFirst and foremost, before you begin any Bible study work, you need to understand why we read the Bible in the first place. This is one of the oldest living works that is still in circulation and the biggest selling book of all time. The Bible helps establish your relationship with God and is the best way to learn about the life Jesus Christ. There is unparalleled advice on how to approach various circumstances in life. It also helps give you harmony and focus in your life.

Choose a Method

The Bible is available all over in many different formations. You can work straight from the actual book itself or you can focus on bible study online. There are countless sources available on the Internet including eBooks, study guides, Bible study tools, and more. You can also integrate both methods, print and web, together for a hybrid learning styling.

Pick a Plan

There are various reading plans that you can choose from when it comes to reading the Bible. By picking a plan, it helps you focus and have a goal in place. There are plans ranging from ninety days to one year and some that even skip around for easier comprehension. Look around online for a plan that is best suited to what type of reading you are most interested in.

Visit Websites

Do not be afraid to utilize bible study tools! There are some great learning websites out there focused on enhancing your Bible experience. By visiting these and viewing all of your options, you are opening your bible study involvement tenfold.

Use Tools

Some other bible study tools available to help you are simple things like highlighters, pens, sticky notes, etc. Simple, sure, but they will help you notate and remember a lot of the material you go over. By writing it down, you are actually helping yourself retain the information for the long run. If you choose to perform your bible study online, you have limitless tools available to you as well.

Ask Questions

It is okay to ask questions to help yourself comprehend what is going on. The Bible is a large work and has a lot going on. Sit down and ask who, what, when, where, and why. This can assist with opening the entire story on a more relatable sense.

Read on a Regular Basis

Be sure to devote time to reading the Bible. In order to really get the time you need with God and to fully comprehend the material in your Bible study, you need to read regularly and dependently. This goes back to the plan method, where creating a reading plan can help ensure you read an allotted amount in a certain amount of time. This will give you the discipline and structure you may need if you are concerned about regularity.


It is encouraged to pray before and after reading the Bible, as this is a spiritual experience. Before you read, pray for focus and concentration you need to read. After you are finished, thank God for allowing you the opportunity to walk in His words. Prayer can be your answer on how to read the bible successfully and easily.

The Bible is definitely something you want to read and incorporate into your daily life. It may look intimidating but after you establish a solid reading plan and incorporate the tools that are available to you, it easily becomes a guidance and friend. Do yourself one of the biggest favors you can ever do and make the decision to read the Bible today. You will never regret it.

A Look at The Different Types of Online Ministry Degrees

Receiving an online ministry degree can be an important first step in starting a lifelong ministry career. In this field, it used to be the norm that a student interested in ministry would first receive a bachelor’s degree, and then pursue a graduate degree at a seminary. Now, receiving an online ministry degree is an option that many can pursue without having to move to a seminary location. Pursuing an online ministry degree has some advantages besides location; there is also flexibility for those who are working full-time. Here is a look at some of the types of degrees available, if you should decide to pursue an online ministry degree.

Master in Divinity 

The Master in Divinity is the standard degree pursued by many who wish to become ministers and missionaries. It also provides preparation for those who wish to become chaplains, relief workers and teachers in religious schools. Getting an online ministry degree in this area is particularly helpful for those who previously had no choice but to attend seminary in order to obtain it.

Theology Degrees

For those who don’t specifically wish to enter the ministry, but are interested in teaching or research positions; a theology degree is a good start. An online ministry degree in this area will probably require at least a master’s degree if the graduate wishes to teach or perform research at the university level. The online ministry degree is a good option for those who already have an undergraduate degree and wish to further their education.

Master of Ministry 

This online ministry degree is for those who are seeking a very practical approach to ministry. Students pursuing it are often already deeply involved in some form of ministry and are interested in someday filling positions like youth leaders and religious school administrators among other positions. This degree is particularly well-suited to the on-line format since those pursuing it are frequently already working in the field.

Interdisciplinary Degrees

Depending upon your area of interest, you may wish to pursue an interdisciplinary online ministry degree. Those specifically interested in missionary work might consider a degree in multicultural studies. Those wishing to focus on inner city ministry can receive an online ministry degree in urban studies. In addition, there are degrees in biblical studies, usually graduate degrees reserved for those who received their undergraduate degrees at secular universities. Those particularly interested in education might seek an online ministry degree in spiritual formation and discipleship.

If you are interested in an online ministry degree, there are a number of ways to pursue it. The type of degree you choose will depend on your ultimate goal, as well as the types of qualifications you may already have. Those interested in pastoral work will probably need to obtain a master’s degree, while those interested in missionary work or school administration might find a bachelor’s degree sufficient. The online option is a great alternative for many who find themselves unable to attend traditional seminary, or who are already working in the field in some form.