Information on becoming a pastor

Character Traits of Pastors

The job of being a pastor to a community is one that few can really perform well. It takes many skills along with the ability to communicate effectively to other people. Most of all, a pastor has to have strong characteristics that can’t be found in just anyone.

Many people make the decision to become pastors in order to help others live more meaningful lives. Becoming a pastor is a journey that only a few people are actually able to perform. A pastor must be respected in the community and be a strong leader for others. He must be able to maintain great self-control over human emotions.

To be a pastor is one of the greatest achievements that anyone can make. A good pastor will be able to live free from drugs and alcohol. He must be wise, intelligent and a great teacher of the word of God. He has to be a family oriented man who loves others and their families as much as his own. He must love his church home and the church that he leads.

Both men and women become pastors. No discrimination exists when it comes to preaching the word of God to others. Many women are leading churches all over the world today.

No human being is free from sin. Strong characteristics in some people make them more compatible to become a pastor. Leadership and self-control are at the top of the list when it comes to being a good pastor. The following list of character traits goes into more detail about the most important ones that are needed to succeed as a church minister.


Being a pastor involves visiting the elderly in nursing homes, hospitals and at home. A pastor will have to lead the services at funerals and minister to others that are sick. Some pastors will even visit jails to preach the word to inmates. Although it might seem a pastor’s job is an easy one, the job is one of the hardest that anyone can do.

A pastor will show his love and sincerity for others in ways no other human would ever do. Many times they are called to deathbeds of others to minister to those exiting this life’s journey. Pastors have been called to preach in areas where Christianity is forbidden and completed the job that God called on them to do.

Honesty and Loyalty

Becoming a pastor involves both of these traits. A good pastor will be one that can be trusted to perform all duties in the church. From preaching to the congregation to being in charge of the church staff, the pastor is loyal and trustworthy to the members of his church. Some pastors have been known to give back from their own pockets during hard times to make sure that the church budget is large enough to cover expenses.


A good pastor shows courage when he is preaching about the bible during the service. He never fears that someone else might contradict what he teaches in his sermon. A pastor stands strong in his beliefs. He will refuse to end his message early in his sermon because some of the congregation wants to leave at a certain time.

The ability to explain to others how they might be living wrong is the sign of great courage in a pastor. A great minister will never let his congregation control him in his church. He will be the leader and do the job that they hired him to do.


Becoming a pastor is showing love to everyone. He will go far and beyond the call of duty to minister to all people. Whether a person is Caucasian, African American, poor or rich, a great pastor will love each one as much as he loves himself.

He might show this love by being at a hospital when a church member has been suddenly rushed there for an emergency. He will show that love at a funeral of a church member’s family. He can show that love inside to a homeless person on the street that he never met before.

A Final Thought

Anyone pursuing a career in ministry should have many of the traits mentioned here already inside them. These traits can’t be taught in college because people are born with them. These are gifts that only a great creator can place inside someone.