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Obtaining a Christian Education Online

It can be difficult to obtain a traditional college degree in today’s busy world. This is especially true if you are already working and trying to take care of your family. However, today’s students have more options than ever when it comes to obtaining a degree. You no longer have to sit in a classroom for a semester to complete your courses because it is now possible to obtain a Christian education online. There are numerous Christian online colleges available to meet the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students.

Why Is Education Important?

When God has called you to a specific ministry, you are excited to get started right away. Some people choose to jump right into their vocation instead of increasing their education. However, an education from a Christian college will help you be more prepared and more effective in your service. Thanks to online Christian colleges, you can continue your education even while you are serving in the ministry. If you are not able to devote a large quantity of time to a full-time college schedule, you can take one class at a time as a part-time student.

As you learn more about the Bible, you can pass along this knowledge to your parishioners. Excellent ministers are lifelong students because they realize that there is always more to learn about God’s Word. When your congregants see you striving to increase your knowledge about the Bible, it can encourage them to strive to learn more, too. A quality education can also open up additional doors for you in the ministry. For instance, if you are called to be a military chaplain, you must complete certain educational requirements. Completing your Christian education online will help you be ready to go wherever God leads you in the future.

What Is Different About a Christian College?

If you want to work in Christian ministry, getting a degree from a Christian institution is vital. Any school can teach you academic subjects, but a Christian college includes Biblical principles in every area. When you receive a Christian education online, your instruction will be given with a Biblical worldview. Whether you are learning about Bible, history, literature or another subject, you will learn how to apply the principles of God’s Word to every area of study. In addition, you will enjoy learning from professors who are dedicated Christians. Your instructors want you to thrive in your classes, and they are also concerned with your spiritual life. They are there to support you and pray for you as you prepare for the ministry that God has called you to. It is invaluable to learn from professors who have experience in the ministry. You cannot learn everything that you need to know about being a pastor by reading textbooks. It is extremely helpful to interact with professors who have real-life experience serving others.

How Can I Choose the Right College?

There are hundreds of online Christian colleges to choose from, so it can be challenging to narrow down your search. Before you start seriously researching colleges, take a few minutes to determine your needs.  First, you will need to note the type of degree that you want to obtain. Are you interested in a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or certificate program? What do you want to major in? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your search to only include schools that offer your desired programs.

Christian online colleges can be accredited by several different agencies. If you want to work in specific fields or for certain organizations, obtaining an accredited degree is important. Make sure that you understand the type of accreditation that each school holds to avoid any surprises after graduation. Since you know that God is calling you to the ministry, it is vital to pray about your decision. By careful research and prayer, you can find a school that meets your needs and offers classes that fit in well with your busy schedule.

Liberty University

Liberty University is situated on more than 7,000 acres in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Lynchburg, VA. This private, nonprofit university is the largest university in Virginia and the largest Christian university in the world. It was founded in 1971 by Pastor Jerry Falwell, Sr. and was originally named Lynchburg Baptist College was later changed to Liberty Baptist College in 1975.

The school’s continuing mission is to impact the world for God by empowering men and women with the values, skills and knowledge necessary for an ever-changing world. The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools awarded full accreditation to the school in 1980. It subsequently became known as Liberty University. In 1985, Liberty College was one of the first schools to launch a distance-learning program with the establishment of Liberty University Online.

Hands-on learning, low student-to-professor ratio and different study options contribute to the appeal of Liberty University. Students receive personalized attention from professors and have access to enhanced academic facilities such as the an excellent library for research. Students receive a quality Christian education based on the solid principles of God’s Word and its relevance in today’s world. Students can choose from several different degrees and majors with concentrations in a variety of careers.

Associate of Arts in Religion

This goal of this program is to build a solid foundation in theology. The coursework provides students with an understanding of Christianity and the Bible. It helps them develop effective oral and written communication that is necessary for professionals in a ministry position. An AA in Religion is usually just a step toward earning a Bachelor of Science in Religion. These classes are offered online as well as on campus.

Bachelor of Science in Religion – Christian Ministries

This program helps prepare students as ministry leaders in churches. It is designed to train them in Christian discipleship. The objective is to help students gain a strong understanding of specific strategies for training disciples in small groups in local churches. Some students may choose to take much of the coursework online. This degree prepares students for careers in the clergy, education, social services and local ministries.

Bachelor of Science in Religion – Christian Counseling

The demand for qualified counselors with a Christian perspective is increasing every year. Students in this program become familiar with the issues facing patients. They are trained in the principles and techniques of care for women, children, families and married couples. Several experts in Christian counseling teach these classes. Graduates are prepared for careers in many areas of Christian counseling.

Bachelor of Science – Biblical and Educational Studies

This degree choice prepares students to become biblically trained teachers. They learn about basic theological issues, church history and educational philosophy. They also learn practical classroom management skills and teaching techniques with an emphasis on Christian educational philosophy. This degree enables graduates to apply for ACSI certification.

Liberty University is committed to Training Champions for Christ. Students receive a quality, well-rounded education based on fundamental Christian principles. The flexible degree options allow students to prepare for satisfying, rewarding careers while working or raising a family. Liberty University students are proud of the school’s unique heritage and are dedicated to expanding its influence around the world. Request info below to receive more information regarding specific interests and preferences.

Pioneering distance education since 1985, Liberty University is now the nation’s seventh largest university. With more than 300 online and residential areas of study, Liberty offers programs from the certificate to doctoral level.


  • Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling
  • M.Div: Leadership
  • MA Theological Studies: Theology
  • And more...

Your education is important to you—and to us. But at Lubbock Christian University Online, we're interested in more than how you do in class. The mission of Lubbock Christian University is embedded in our rich heritage of Christian faith and our commitment to passing it on to future generations. Along with providing a quality career-oriented education online for busy working adults, we aim to teach students about the spiritual aspect of life and impart a system of values for living.


  • Master of Science in Human Services
  • Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University Prepares Students Academically in a Christian Environment

Phoenix, Arizona is home to Grand Canyon University. Beautiful scenery provides a unique backdrop for this private, non-profit university that was established in 1949 by the Southern Baptist Convention. An abandoned armory building in Prescott, AZ served as the first campus for the school, which was known as Grand Canyon College at that time. In 1951, the campus was relocated to Phoenix. Since then, the university has gained in popularity and developed an impressive reputation as a highly regarded Christian institution.

The school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and provides numerous campus-based and online postsecondary educational degree programs through its seven colleges. This accredited university also proudly holds college-specific and program-specific accreditations. Graduates of Grand Canyon University are well prepared for careers in several disciplines including healthcare, fine arts, religion and education. The University helps students develop knowledge and critical thinking skills through a value-based curriculum. An impressive online curriculum provides a new venue for helping students achieve their dreams.

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies

This degree focuses on the major doctrines of the Christian religion. Students also study the basic disciplines of Christian discipleship. Students gain a thorough understanding of philosophy and theology as it relates to spreading the teachings of Christ for various audiences. With an emphasis on biblical studies, this degree provides graduates with fine-tuned skills in communication for a variety of different ministries including the clergy, youth ministry or chaplain duties in the military.

Master of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Pastoral Ministry

This graduate degree arms students with biblical and theological knowledge that is essential in a pastoral leadership role. Students study the basic principles associated with evangelical biblical interpretation and learn how to use biblical language tools. The classes stress the importance of properly preparing and delivering a sermon. This degree includes coursework in theological structures and a study of spiritual growth. Graduates are well prepared to assume the duties of a pastor, religious educator, healthcare chaplain or other related positions.

Master of Science in Christian Counseling

The students enrolled in this program receive a solid foundation in theological wisdom and biblical knowledge. They learn how to apply this understanding and knowledge when counseling a client. The comprehensive training they receive prepares them to seek licensure in Arizona as a counselor. The master’s degree is required for counselors in all states, but other states may also have additional requirements. This degree prepares graduates to treat individuals who suffer from emotional or psychological disorders including mental health problems, substance abuse and family and marriage.

Grand Canyon University is dedicated to meeting the demands of today’s busy society. Many individuals require more flexibility in their class scheduling than some on-campus programs provide. They need to fulfill their educational goals while they continue in their present careers. Online education allows these students to attend classes without the necessity of commuting to a traditional campus. The online classes at Grand Canyon University allow students to pursue their education and hold down a fulltime job at the same time. Those with family and employment responsibilities can still enjoy a close relationship with fellow class members and their instructor. Students participate in challenging and engaging online discussions with other students and receive immediate feedback from instructors.

As a fully accredited university, Grand Canyon University prepares its students academically to succeed in their chosen fields through a curriculum designed to provide them with specialized skills and knowledge needed in today’s world. They are constantly challenged to reach their maximum potential. The students at Grand Canyon University experience programs designed for academic excellence. Christian values that reflect a committed relationship with Christ help shape the rich learning environment for all students. You can request more information about a particular degree or major by using the free Request Info link below.

Founded in 1789, Georgetown University is the nation's oldest Catholic and Jesuit university. Today, Georgetown is a major international research university that embodies its founding principles in the diversity of our students, faculty, and staff, our commitment to justice and the common good, our intellectual openness, and our international character.


  • Family Nurse Practitioner

Earn your degree online with Grand Canyon University. We offer approximately 100 bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs that can be completed 100% online. Degree programs are available in the fields of education, nursing and health sciences, business, fine arts and production, and liberal arts.


  • M.Ed. in Elementary Education (Leads to initial teacher licensure)
  • M.S. in Leadership: Disaster Preparedness & Executive Fire Leadership
  • M.S. in Nursing: Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems
  • And more...
The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services (SPHHS) is now offering MPH@GW, an online Master of Public Health (MPH). With classes developed and delivered by GW's world-class faculty, MPH@GW features the same rigorous academics and selective admission criteria as on-campus MPH programs offered by SPHHS.


  • Master of Public Health
  • Executive Master of Health Administration